“It all started with a quote.”

I stumbled across it , like many other things, just in the right time and the right moment in my life.

“Many people die with their music still in them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it time runs out.”

This quote by Sr Oliver Wendell Holmes, just struck me.

I couldn’t stop thinking of it.

I was quite sick back then, diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that had metastasized to my bones, spine and liver.

I was in the midst of my chemo treatments, still uncertain on how it will affect me.

Beside of my greatest fear – thinking about my young children growing up without me, I felt a great sadness in me of not daring enough to bring myself and my abilities, my gifts, my “music” more to others.

Since I was a young girl, I loved listening to my friends with great compassion and empathy. I was always curious of their stories and loved sharing my thoughts and insights regarding what I have heard. It came very natural to me. It was how I was. It was “in my grain”.

I always had strong curiosity about life, and lt’s meaning. I was always enchanted by the fullness of life.

In years to come I became a social worker, but I never felt that I am bringing “my own unique signature” to this work.

I wanted more and felt that there is more in me, but didn’t know how to execute this strong desire in the world…

Years went by, I continued to explore life, got married, had children, became a Steiner teacher and always kept on feeling deep inside me that there is more…that I HAVE MORE TO GIVE….

Facing the diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer had really confronted me with all of these feelings and dreams that I had.

The quote that I saw kept on resonating in my head, in my mind and kept on “calling” me.

And then as it happens many times. when I was deeply and truly ready from inside, I came across an organisation that I never heard it’s name before


I have started to explore what this organisation does, and came to the understanding that it helps people with advanced cancer to fulfil a dream that they have.

As I have mentioned,  I knew quite clearly what is my dream, but I never knew how to make it happen. I felt lost in the “forest of my own ides” and I was longing to give them a tangible structure and form, so I can help others, but didn’t know how to do so.

I thought that maybe, just maybe if I will ask for a coach, someone that can work with me “hand in hand”, someone that can assist me to give a real “shape” to my dream. Someone that will help me to apply my ideas to something that I can bring to others…

I was extremely fortunate to be support by Dreams2Live4 and I found the most amazing coach, my dear Mary Henderson, which has the gift of building heart to heart relationships with her clients and is brilliant in directing and assisting people to transform and shifts their ideas into clear applicable methodology.

Slowly, slowly my ideas started to awaken in me. Things fall into place and the essence of me, the essence of who I always was  revealed itself and became real. I gained clarity on how I can be of benefit to others, how I can serve others.

It felt like I was birthing myself!!!

Nowadays, I work worldwide, both at my private practice and also through skype with women all around the world.

I use the “platform” of their own internal stories (which are a significant form of our self talk). I gently guide them in observing and noticing their internal stories . Stories are meaning makers,and as such, the internal stories that we hold and constantly form, affects all our relationship with all that is happening in our lives.Our internal stories actually determine our ability to respond and cope with whatever occurs in our lives. I encourage women to examine gently and with great compassion how these stories serve or doesn’t serve them in times of crises. I inspire them to look at their crises (ether health crises like facing cancer, but also any crises) also as an opportunity of growth.

I use mindfulness tools and verid methods that I have discovered, used and still using myself in my own cancer journey.

Looking at life from this point of view helps women to cope with their crises with ample of inner strength and courage.

It installs new meaning in their lives and they are able to weave new internal stories which enhance more healing.

As healing is very different from cure…

Thank you so much to Dreams2live4 that had helped me to reveal and  play my music in the world!!!

I couldn’t be grateful enough!!!!

If you would like to know more on what I do and my programs, you are welcome to my website or to my business Face book page.

Iris with son

Iris now

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