Maria’s Big Moment

The second our Dreamer Maria stepped off the plane at 12,000 feet, “it was like as if time has stopped for all of us,” her friend, Dominique, writes.

When the doctors found that Maria’s cancer had come back in 2012, they told her that she had 18 – 20 months to live. Since that day 7 years ago, Maria has defied all expectations and chosen to live every moment to the fullest.

“Maria is terminally ill, but I still believe that positive attitude, healthy diet, exercise, laughs and good friends can extend her life,” says Dominique.

“The skydiving was sensational. Maria was absolutely amazing. She was so alive and in the moment. I never knew she had this adventurous side, and I pray for many more years to come to see it again”.

“Thank you to our Dream Maker, Louise, for organising this beautiful gift for Maria. It really enriched her life and gave her the strength to keep going.”

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