Medicine for the Soul

 Belinda says that you can never know when another opportunity will come, so you must live each as if it were the last and make every moment count. 

When her diagnosis has given her pain, frustration and pure madness at times, her family surrounded her and when nothing was certain they gave her the hope she needs to carry on.

“The doctors can’t say how long I have, so for now every moment that we have together is special.”

 With thoughts of past house plants that she tried to nurse in her kitchen, Belinda dreams of seeing her favourite flower, the water lily, come to life in the Kakadu National Park with her two young children. 

 Otherwise called the Soul of Australia, its immense beauty could not be further from the white walled hospital she has spent so much time within. In Kakadu where the day stretches longer over its plains, Belinda and her children are given the time needed to spend with each other and take the photos that will be decorating their walls for years to come.

 Although she cannot know if she will see her children grow into the people they are meant to be, she can be sure of the memories that will be in their hearts when they do.



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