Our Story

Mel Agnew, Board Member

“I first came across D2L4 when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was just trying to survive. With cancer, there’s always so much going on and sometimes it’s very hard to be positive. You only ever hear about charities like this for children so I was really excited for my mum. I thought this is something really nice for her to look forward to and take her mind off the cancer: hospital visits, medication, forgetting about the real world…

Dreams2Live4 not only gave my mum something wonderful to look forward to but it changed my life too. It gave me that hope, that warm feeling, helping me have a more positive look on cancer and patients. It’s a massive ‘hope’ factor.

Witnessing my mother’s dream inspired me to get involved. To experience a dream is very heart-warming. The people that make it happen: the volunteers and Dream Makers make you feel that way. When my mum passed away, I thought she would be really proud if I helped other people feel the way she did. The fact that I had been in the same position as the Dreamer’s family members made me think I could easily relate and have a really positive impact on others.”


Mel has honoured the memory of her mum by giving back in a very special way. In addition to the generous support from her own company, Kennedy Reid, Melissa is a board member of Dreams2Live4. She regularly lends a hand in any way she can: using her connections, helping to make dreams come true, volunteering at events and assisting with fundraising.

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