My first proper Birthday party!

“My birthday is on the 22nd of December. Lots of people are busy and fitting in a birthday is hard. Growing up I got lots of Christmas cake with a ‘Happy Birthday’ label stuck on it. I was caring for my mother from a young age so I was organising my birthday and Christmas too. I left home at 16 and no longer saw my family meaning birthdays on my own for a long time. Since then I have created my own family. They are really precious to me. Just once I would like to have a fancy birthday party (that I don’t organise myself) and is not right next to Christmas. A party with photos to create precious time for me and precious memories for my family to keep.” – Helen

After years of forgotten birthdays, Helen finally had her dream celebration. The bright room was filled with colour, joy, flowers, laughter and the smiles of Helen’s nearest and dearest. She was over the moon just to have the time to sit down and talk with the most important people in her life. Helen’s dream was not only for herself. It provided her loved ones with an abundance of happy memories and beautiful photographs they can cherish now and for many years to come.

“I am slowly floating away. Your dream gift to me was awesome and it was a lovely way to start me on my journey home. With a splash and with photos my family will treasure” – Helen

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