One Dreamer Making Dreams Come True!

Our dreamer Jennifer does not know how many days she has left, but that won’t stop her and her children from doing what they can to fight cancer and help other patients! Despite Jennifer’s own gruelling battle with cancer, she does what she can to support the work of Dreams2Live4 and has raised an incredible $877.80! This will change one cancer patient’s life by making their dream come true! We wanted to find out why Jennifer completed this extraordinary act of kindness…

Why do you think it is important to support the dreams of patients with metastatic cancer (meaning any cancer which has spread)?

The holiday we just had was one we will all remember forever. It gave us precious time as a family to do something that normally we would never ever be able do. We swam with Dolphins and Sea Lions and the look on my children’s faces is something I will never forget!  Every time I think of it I tear up, but with happy tears.  My kids told me it was the best thing they have ever done and I am so glad it will be a happy holiday they can look back on.

How did cancer affect you and your loved ones?

I have had to stop work, I no longer drive. I am a lot slower now.  It changes you and your outlook on life.  I am very fortunate that I have a great support network of love from family and friends.  It has also made others revalue their lives and they have made changes to be happy which I don’t think they would have otherwise.

Please describe what you have done for Dreams2Live4.

We have done some auctions to raise funds as well as selling scarfs/caps at the Relay for Life at Penrith. I truly believe that if you are able to give back you should as it is helping someone else. I have given back to Dreams2Live4 because you gave my family and I a holiday that will be with them long after I am gone.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of doing the same?

It is a great charity that provides smiles, joy, happiness all things needed at this time in these individual / families lives.

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