Our All-American Intern- Ashleigh

I started volunteering for D2L4 after learning about the amazing work you and the ladies do to change the lives of so many individuals. When I first started my undergraduate degree at Boston University I had no idea what I wanted to do, all I knew was that I wanted to help people in life. D2L4 has given me the opportunity to fulfill this life goal of mine while working under such empowering and inspiring women. It is truly revolutionary to walk into an office on a daily basis and feel entirely welcome and supported by a group of women that I hope to be like some day. With the many memories that I will hold close to my heart from my experience at D2L4 I will never forget the time Louise came back to the office with a new phone to install, like the age old question, how many guys does it take to change a light bulb it was how many dream makers does it take to instal a phone. Im sure Nadine still has the photo of me standing on top of this quiet precarious swivel chair trying to plug in the right cord while Louise is on the phone with the incompetent phone company. At the time might not have been so funny but I look back and laugh at how ridiculous we all must have looked, me atop the chair Louise pacing back and forth on the phone while Annabel, Pauline and Nadine struggle to get any work done because I keep accidentally unplugging the Wifi. I miss coming into the office everyday with Cam greeting me along with everyone’s warm smiles, these women because my abroad mothers, my moms away from mom.

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