Our Story

Pat O’Sullivan Chairman of the Board

Pat has been an invaluable member of the Dreams2Live4 board and is now Chairman. His corporate experience coupled with his incredible enthusiasm and empathy has been a huge resource in both fundraising and Dream Making. Pat’s involvement has a very personal motivation. Challenged by the sudden death of his young adult nephew from cancer in 2011, Pat O’Sullivan was looking for a charity to support and one that he felt he would be able to make a difference to.

He said, “Sure I could join a board of a charity, but I do that in my professional life. I wanted to find a charity that allowed me to put something more of myself into, to stretch myself, to share my connections in a positive way and frankly just to be a better human being. So I fundraise for them, organise events that type of thing.”

“It’s not always about the commercial reality, sometimes we just have to treat each other as people and understand people have families, have challenges, have fears and of course, have dreams too even as life nears end.”

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