Our Story

Pauline Williams- Finance Manager

Pauline is the woman behind the scenes of Dreams2Live4- working tirelessly to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The reason that we are able to chase opportunities and take chances is because we know that she has got us covered.

“At Dreams2Live4 we believe that when we need something it lands at our doorstep and my story is one those. I was already working in the Not for Profit sector when a friend told me of Annie’s story and an upcoming fundraiser –  the inaugural Annie’s walk on the Great Ocean Road.  So I went on the walk and a few months later I am told the charity was going national and needed an accountant – the planets had aligned as I was looking for a change so I jumped at the opportunity.  That was 2015.

Being a numbers person I could quote the number of lives we have touched and the statistical growth we have been through and continue to experience, but the real story is what I hear and see happening around me.  Listening to the Dream Makers talk to patients who are all just blown away by what we can bring out of them. Seeing the impact on their families, the hospital staff and the generosity it brings out of organisations that are touched by our Dreams is so grounding.  My favourite part of the job is cancelling a payment due to the generosity of someone who has found out it was a dream we were fulfilling at their establishment and decided not to charge us.”

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