Puppy Love

One story that has warmed the hearts of all who’ve heard it is Jennilee’s. Our dreamer has welcomed a new member of the family into her heart. While the effects of chemotherapy have shaken Jennilee as she fights against metastatic cancer, Donnatello has done what he can by bringing joy and laughter back into her life. Making himself at home in the hospital ward, Donnie and his growing personality have stolen everyone’s heart, including the nurses. After fighting her battle alone, Donnie is the company Jennilee has been waiting for.

“After I got discharged and came home he was wagging his tiny curly tail and started licking my ears. No words can describe the happiness I felt in that moment”

We have adored being part of her dream over the past few weeks and we are sure that there is no one that could love this puppy more than our dreamer. We wish them both the very best of luck in the new year.

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