Scott Dalton- Chairman of the Dreams2Live4 Board

Scott joined the committee in 2014 when D2L4 was a program at just 1 hospital: Now, as the Chairman of the Board, Scott draws from his business background and supports Dreams by helping with its regulatory and legal obligations and supporting its extraordinary growth as a national charity.

What did you think when you first heard of Dreams2Live4?

The coolest thing that Dreams does is to empower people when they are at their most vulnerable. A dream brings dignity, happiness and the chance to leave precious memories. 

Why do you think Dreams2Live4 makes a difference? 

Dreams2Live4 makes a difference to cancer patients who are suffering right now! This devastating disease drains patients of hope, joy and finances. Their children, partners and parents suffer beside them as the mental and emotional anguish takes families to breaking point. When these people are at their most vulnerable, Dreams2Live4 reaches out a hand to them, bringing joy and light into their lives. Transforming a families’ experience and the ongoing impact of this disease.

What motivated you or inspired you to begin working with Dreams2Live4? 

Supporting Louise and Megs, they are the heart and soul of Dreams2Live4. They protect and drive Annie’s vision and dream. The Feather Ball we held recently was about having a good time AND doing good. About really making a difference. I believe that doing good is all about outcome – the effect a service has on people’s lives. And that’s exactly why Dreams2Live4 inspires me.

What has been the most enjoyable part of your work with D2L4? 

To see the organisation grow into a national charity which has allowed it to impact hundreds of patients and their families. A Dream is now coming true every 48 hours! This is an astounding achievement – with no government funding, Dreams2Live4 relies solely on the generosity and kindness of our supporters.  We have never turned away a metastatic cancer patient. And with our supporters help, we won’t have to. This year the team estimates they will work with more than 450 patients and their families. Extraordinary when you think how many lives are impacted by this simple concept.

Would you recommend others get involved with Dreams2Live4? 

If you can just help one person, it’s a good day. Dreams2Live4 helps hundreds of people each year.  

There are not many times in life that you can make such an act of generosity and love, just when it is needed most. And this is the very real impact that people have made who support Dreams2Live4.

Why should people choose to support Dreams2Live4? What has the charity accomplished?

The trust our donors have put into Dreams2Live4 has been well placed. In the last 2 years Dreams2Live4 has grown from working with patients at 1 hospital to more than 95 hospitals across Australia. This small team continue to work hard and learn to create the most impact they can with the precious funds donated to them.

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