She dreamed of holding her son one last time

Our Dreamer had been battling metastatic cancer for several years and the latest round of treatment involved a nuclear medicine regime. This treatment meant she could not touch or come in contact with anyone. That week our dreamer’s heart was broken when her son was sentenced to jail.

She could not give him a hug good-bye, she could not give him a touch to say ‘I still love you’. As the disease progressed, her prognosis became dire and her dreams were haunted with the longing to see her son. The treatment had left her weak. Too weak to take the long bus ride to the jail. Dreams2live4 fulfilled her dream when a hire car and driver from our supporters at Lucky 8 Limousines took our dreamer to visit her son and hold him in her arms one last time.

*Details have been changed to protect the privacy of our Dreamers

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