“She travelled three hours a day to sit with me and hold my hand”

“Without my mother’s constant support, I don’t know how much of this I could stand. My cancer was first diagnosed back in September 2013. I underwent surgery on Melbourne cup day and then developed a massive infection and my lung collapsed. I spent 25 days in hospital. My mother travelled by train 3 hours every day to visit and sit with me to keep me company. She would hold my hand through all my procedures and give me a shoulder to cry on when I was in pain. After the hospital I spent every day for 2 weeks going to the hospital for more IV antibiotics. My mum drove me every day and sat with me whilst getting the infusions. A week before xmas, my chemo started and mum would drive me and sit with me all day, making me coffee or getting me drinks or food. She would make sure I ate between treatments to keep my strength up and just tried to keep my mind occupied by other things besides the cancer. Radiation started after chemo and was a daily drive to the hospital which, again, my mum would come with me and wait. After 5 weeks my treatment was over. Then 3 months later my first PET scan came back all clear of cancer so we all celebrated and I went back to work thinking I beat this horrible disease I was devastated in June 2015 to learn it had spread to my lungs and the doctors told me it was terminal. I didn’t know what to say to my kids but I knew I had to. The hardest thing you can ever tell your children is that you’re going to die and soon. I started treatment immediately to stem the growth of the tumours as the Doctors told me ‘if you decide no treatment you will die in 6 weeks-6 months’ or with treatment, if you’re lucky, up to 2 years. Even though the treatment this time round has been the worse with pain, infections etc, I’ll do whatever it takes to stay around as long as I can for my family. My mother nursed my dad for 3 years through his cancer battle before he died. Now she has nursed her baby (me) through the same thing. It must be devastating for her.I love my mother and would like to show her how much.”
With Dreams2live4, Julie has the power to show her love and gratitude. Julie is surprising her mother with the chance to spend precious time together on Hamilton Island. We love your dream Julie and we hope you have a wonderful time!

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