A ‘fairy godmother’ came to my rescue

A letter from our Dreamer: It is with much appreciation and gratitude that I am writing to you. Having been diagnosed with a terminal disease last year has been very difficult. I only thought children were given opportunities through ‘Make a Wish’ when they were terminally ill. Therefore, when you initially contacted me on behalf of “Dreams2Live4” it was an overwhelming yet wonderful surprise.

With your follow up calls, encouragement and persistence I was able to choose something I really wanted…..A new washing machine. It may have sounded like a strange request, but I am deteriorating and quite weak and frail so a holiday was not an option. But the washing machine was. Our old Whirlpool was on its way out, we loved it because of its large capacity and the dials, not all the new technological features on other machines. (It was 15-16 years old). Within minutes of my request, you had my husband measure the space, ordered the perfect Whirlpool machine. It was delivered within 2 days of your call and the old one removed. What a gift it is. I feel so lucky and so happy, it is as if a ‘fairy godmother’ came to my rescue.
Most of all, whilst I am weakening due to my cancer, the washing machine is strong and sturdy. It’s something positive I can leave behind for my family.”

*Details have been altered to protect the privacy of our dreamer.

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