“So I can call Kristy my wife”

“Kristy and I first met 11 years ago chatting online. Then we decided to meet in person. I travelled up from Sydney, and first laid eyes on Kristy at Newcastle train station. We spent the day seeing the sights of Newcastle, lunch by the water and getting to know one another. Our friendship grew over the next few months with Kristy travelling to Sydney and I travelling up to visit her on alternate weekends.

For 2 ½ years we spent travelling from one end to the other of the M1 Freeway to spend weekends and holidays together. I moved in with Kristy and my step-son Connor, 8 years ago, the greatest decision I ever made.

I proposed to Kristy 5 years ago, another great decision, she said yes.

Since that time, we had been saving for a house deposit, to purchase our first home together, which we did last year, and our wedding plans had to take a bit of a back seat.

This year, whilst on a family holiday on the Gold Coast, Kristy and I said to each other that this was the year for us to ‘Get Hitched’.

Exactly four weeks after returning from holidays, a lesion was found on my brain. It was High Grade.

Here I sit this evening writing this email, absolutely and truly wanting this dream to happen, so I can call Kristy my wife.” – David

While David’s prognosis is devastating this beautiful couple were determined to celebrate their love and continue to fulfil their longed for dream. With the help of Dreams2Live4, friends and family, David’s Dream came true.  Dream Maker Louise was there to witness the joy. She snapped this photo so we can all share in the happiness this dream is bringing. And the winner is LOVE!

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