So they can be kids – doing kids stuff – far away from the fear and anxiety of cancer

Tennille has a heart of gold. She is Mum to two children and fosters 11 others who desperately need this loving Mum in their lives. Their home is filled with laughter and love. Last year however, this family was delivered a devastating blow. “In April 2017, whilst getting a scan for gallstones, I was found to have extensive widespread bone metastases and 4 tumours in my liver. It has been a rough year for all of us.”

Tennille’s dream is to take some ‘time out from cancer’ with all her kids. But as you can imagine organising a holiday for a family of this size is not an easy task. “My kids are a pretty resilient bunch who have laughed and cried with me throughout this process. I believe they deserve some serious fun. I would love to take them to Queensland  – at the theme parks.”

We couldn’t agree more. Upon receiving medical clearance, a house on the coast was booked to accommodate the family and, with the help of our Mother’s Day Raffle, theme Park passes have been secured


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