The Bond Between Two Sisters and Dolphins

“The dolphin is a special animal in our family. My eldest sister Cath felt a close affinity with them. They helped her through her treatment for breast cancer, which took her life in 1997.

We miss her dearly and to this day I wear her silver dolphin ring when I most need her big sister presence. This is daily now as I face my own diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer.

My wish now is to swim with the dolphins and fulfill my dream as well as my sister’s. It was an opportunity she never had. Building memories with my kids and husband has become my priority. This experience is for all of us to come together for family time away from all the doctors and treatments and day-to-day stress.

I just pray now I have lots of time left to share with them all and to make the most of life every single day. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my story.” – Liz

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