“The excitement of watching the Australian Open puts shivers down my spine!”

When my surgeon said that the breast cancer had returned, I was stunned, shocked, scared, worried, all these different emotions! Whilst dealing with all of this heartbreak: treatments and hospital visits, my husband lost his job. Then the 2011 floods came. My husband and daughter had to deal with all of this. It was horrible time in our lives!

The chemo was horrible, I lost my hair and looked so pale and tired. But the only things that kept me going was my positive attitude, my supportive family and friends and something to look forward to. Whether it be a picnic, a movie, walk along the beach, hearing my daughter and husband sing at our church or just lots of hugs and love.

On the day of my surgery in 2011, my husband started a new job as we still needed the money to come in as I was off on leave, not knowing when I would go back to work. The Bank was on our back wanting mortgage payments and my husband’s job was only a short contract.

After my hormone receptor positive breast cancer was under control, I received the devastating news in October 2012 that my breast cancer had spread to my liver. It was stage IV liver cancer. An irregular liver function test confirmed the worst news!

But I was determined to continue to have treatment and to embrace life. We finally had to sell our home in 2016 as the bank would not put off anymore our mortgage repayments, so after 16 years we sold, and now renting, as my husband had to take a lower paying job as the job market was slow. I gave up work in 2013 and continue with my treatment.

I am delighted to have found Dreams2Live4 as this gives me a great incentive to embrace life, and continue to be my positive self.


The excitement of going to watch Tennis at the Australian Open has put shivers down my spine! How could an organisation be so generous to patients with secondary cancer? I am so very grateful to Louise and their team for organising this wonderful trip. I will be eternally grateful to you all.

It is also good to take my husband as a reward also, as he is my carer, and is working 3 jobs to keep the finances going. As I finish my story, I will continue to appreciate kind people around me and enjoy the simple, but beautiful things in my life.

– Patricia Cantwell

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