The First and The Last

“To have what will be the first, and the last, family holiday away would mean the world to me.” – Penny

“I have never been able to afford a family holiday as I was a single mother raising the children on my own. Due to my illness and the time they have given me, my dream is to arrange a memorable time for both myself and my family.

Penny did not hesitate when we asked what her dream would be. “I absolutely love fishing! I have been known to fish from dawn to dusk! I have always dreamed of travelling to Cairns to go on a Barramundi Charter and catch my very first Barramundi.”

With the help of Dream Maker Louise, Penny’s fabulous dream is coming true. Dreams2Live4 makes dreams come true for cancer patients like Penny – bringing joy, kindness and dignity – just when it s needed most. Please share the love and share this post so more dreams can come true.

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