The guitar can always bring a smile to my face

Our Dreamer, Craig has always been an enthusiastic ‘muso’ throughout his life. Music has always allowed him to escape his everyday hardships and go to a place of peace and joy. This has become very important particularly throughout his battle with metastatic cancer, as music brings back comfort during such uneasy times. Craig has always dreamed of owning one particular guitar…

Because of the generous supporters of Dreams2Live4, Craig now owns his dream guitar and has the ability to escape his everyday battle with cancer in his favorite way.

“I am deeply humbled by this incredible gift. I feel like maybe I’m not worthy of such a wonderful gesture…The guitar is built to last more than a lifetime and my family will always remember how it got here long after I have gone. Always brings a big smile to my face whenever I play. Always reminds me to keep positive and be the best I can be.”
-Craig, Our Dreamer

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