The little conversations mean the most

Our dreamer Bob hoped to get away to spend time with his family after he was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. His family is incredibly important to him, and too often cancer overpowered the simple sweetness and simplicity of just being with them. With a holiday to Tasmania, he and his family were able to see beautiful sights, but more importantly they were able to simply enjoy the companionship of each other. Bob explains the importance of this trip to his family and their future.

“This trip meant a lot to me as it was an opportunity to get the family together and just talk. We sometimes underestimate the importance of talking and how little conversations can mean so much. That was the point of this holiday and Tasmania provided the perfect backdrop as there was always something new to look at as we enjoyed the vast array of sights and tastes of Tasmania. Just spending some time with the kids, talking about everything from what the future holds to nothing at all. It did not really matter, the important thing was that we had those little conversations.”
– Bob, our dreamer

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