The Lucas 5 and the Parra Eels

Nothing makes our day like hearing from our dreamers with stories of their adventures!

Last week our dreamer Steve took his family, ‘The Lucas 5’, to the new Parramatta Eels Stadium in a Hummer.

A day with his family watching his beloved Parramatta Eels play is all that he asked.

“Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into making a dream come true for Steve & the family. We had the best time and the limousine was absolutely amazing,” wrote Vanessa, Steve’s wife.

“I am so appreciative of Dreams2Live4 for taking the time to make a Parra fan and, more importantly, a Dad’s Dream come true,” Steve says.

We would like to thank our wonderful ambassador Erin Molan and the rugby league legend, Peter Wynn for generously providing Eels memorabilia on the day.

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