The Rosser Sisters: Running for Dreams!

Inspired by our dreamers’ touching stories: Caitlin and Maddison Rosser vowed to make a difference. We wanted to find out why these special sisters are choosing to give back in this meaningful way: running a half marathon!¬†

1. How did you hear about Dreams2Live4?
We had both never heard of Dreams2Live4 until signing up for the Sydney Half Marathon. There are hundreds of charities you can chose to support. Dreams2Live4 was around the 300th charity listed and after reading the short blurb attached to the listing, we were both inspired to learn more.

2. What has motivated you to run and raise money for D2L4?
Dreams2Live4 stood out to us as for a number of reasons. Like most, we have had friends and family face a battle with cancer and had their lives flipped upside down. Our grandmother was also diagnosed with breast cancer, finding out later on that it had spread and passing away just before Caitlin was born. After reading the stories of dreamers we were inspired by the way Dreams2Live4 had been able to bring light and smiles back into the lives of cancer suffers and their families.

3. Why do you want to make dreams come true for patients with cancer? Why do you think this is so important?
Dreams are important for everyone however we could only imagine that keeping your dreams alive when you are fighting a terminal illness would be extremely difficult, if not impossible at times. By not only keeping these dreams alive but making them come true gives cancer patients an opportunity to create amazing memories and/or experience many of the emotions that would be difficult to feel when cancer takes over. To be able to contribute in even the smallest way to make as many dreams come true would be incredible.

4. What would you tell someone who is thinking of doing something similar for Dreams2Live4?
So often we say ‘I want to do this’ or ‘I should do that’ but we never take the plunge and dive in. Raising money for charity while doing something you’ve always talked about is a great way to challenge yourself and help others at the same time.

5. How are you preparing for the marathon?
We are currently living on opposite sides of the world so are using an app to track our runs and then send through times and distances to each other. It’s a good way to make sure we are both training and not slacking off. Although it’s early days, it’s surprising how quickly you start to feel your fitness building up. We’ve also done a few workouts on FaceTime together which are good fun.

To donate to The Rosser Sister’s efforts for Dreams2Live4, please visit ¬†¬†

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