TL Rentals x Dreams2Live4 – A partnership in making dreams come true

Since its inception, TL Rentals has been passionate about charity work and giving back to the local community and those in need in Australia. In line with this, we are incredibly excited to announce our own partnership with TL Rentals. With every deal settled, TL Rentals will make a generous donation to Dreams2Live4. This means their contributions will extend beyond their own walls, allowing their client base to also be involved in this incredible cause. This incredible commitment will help make many more dreams come true, having a lasting impact on so many of our dreamers’ lives.

For George Matis, Director at TL Rentals: the connection to this charity is personal.

“Annie Robinson (founder, Dreams2Live4) was such a vibrant part of my local community- an inspiration to all. Our sons were school mates, growing up together in Sydney. I still fondly remember seeing her pushing baby Bill in the pram down at Parsley Bay. Despite her ill-health, her positivity and zest for life was infectious and she was loved dearly by the community around her. It is such a pleasure to give back in this small way to the charity that she started so many years ago. Seeing how far it has come from its inception is testament to Annie’s fighting spirit and willpower. There is no doubt she would be tremendously proud of what it is today. My daughter Olivia is now working at Dreams2Live4 and I have loved to hear her excitement and enthusiasm about her work there…talk about connections!”

It was a pleasure to host the TL Rentals team at our recent ‘Lunch with David Gyngell’ at Parliament House. To introduce the team to the magic of Dreams2Live4 and to kick-start a dream partnership that will ultimately make many more dreams come true. Alana Jepsen, stellar Account Manager and communications queen has been instrumental in this new partnership: leading the behind-the-scenes leg work and organisation. She said:

 “I know I speak for everyone in the office when I say that The Lunch with David Gyngell was absolutely fantastic! It allowed us to gain great insight into the fantastic work Dreams2Live4 does for these deserving patients. What we’re doing is a truly incredible and rewarding way to give back. We want our support of Dreams2Live4 to go beyond a once-off donation. To provide ongoing, emergency funding the dream makers can rely on to make dreams come true. Whilst fundraising events and donations are also important, charities desperately need support across an entire financial year so they can rely on a regular stream of income. This is what TL Rentals will contribute and we look forward to seeing the outcome across the year and into the future.

Mostly people I know have either lived with or has known someone who has lived with cancer. And these people would know it can be both an overwhelming and arduous battle. Dreams2Live4 provides unique relief from this anguish, renewing patients’ purpose and making their dreams a reality. We couldn’t believe this is the only charity of its type in Australia and are incredibly proud to support its wonderful work. Through our continuous growth and support, we hope Dreams2Live4 can spreading hope for more and more families each month. We are so excited to be announcing this partnership and are looking forward to all the good it will bring.”

TL Rentals is an independent Australian company founded in 1996. Their expertise is in providing operating lease & rental finance solutions to diverse market segments. These include small businesses, corporate organisations, specialist industries and government bodies across assorted equipment asset classes and industry sectors. If you would like to find out more about TL Rentals, please visit

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