“To enjoy the time we have left for fun memories we’ll never forget”

 “My dream is for myself and my daughter Brooke (who is 14 years old) to have some time off from constant doctor appointments, blood tests and scans and instead to enjoy the time we have left for fun memories that we will never forget”

– Melissa

Meet our Dreamer Melissa: a single mum from Brisbane who currently faces a terrifying prognosis. At 25 years old, Melissa found out she was pregnant and expecting a baby. But instead of excitement, her good news was met with despair: a devastating cancer diagnosis. 14 years later her doctors revealed more devastating news: it had spread to both the lungs and spleen. Desperate to spend precious time with her daughter, Melissa wrote to us: “I’ve been given 2 years (1 year ago now) as it’s terminal but I’m a fighter and will try anything to stay around for my daughter as I’m a single mother, unable to work, with limited family support.


“Thank you to all the caring and generous people who have donated as without this, it wouldn’t be possible. We had an amazing and enjoyable 2 night stay at the Gold Coast and got to swim with the lovely dolphins at Sea World. I’ve been doing all I can to spread the word of how “Dreams2Live4” can help many others fulfill their dreams and wishes too. Great to see an organisation that is out there for adults with metastatic cancer to forget about our illness for a bit and instead share fun memories with loved ones for a moment.

– Melissa


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