To experience a lost honeymoon

“I remarried my husband in February between exhausting treatments. But there was no time for a honeymoon. My dream is to have a short honeymoon at the beach, to spend quiet, precious time with Troy. For me, Terrigal holds wonderful memories of better times. The beach and the sound of the waves is very calming. It is where I can relax and forget my diagnosis for a short time.”
– Kara

Kara’s Dream has coming true thanks to the generous participation of David Gyngell, Peter Overton and Erin Molan in our Lunch with David Gyngell event. Kara and her husband Troy stayed at the Terrigal Crowne Plaza for her dream honeymoon and that precious time together. When Kara sent us a selfie of her a Troy arriving at the hotel we shared it with Erin Molan.  Erin was thrilled and  immediately phoned the hotel wanting to send some goodies to Kara’s room. Erin offered to pay but the Crowne Plaza, Terrigal wanted to do it for free. Everyone was feeling the joy of this Dream coming true. And that’s what Dreams2Live4 is all about!

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