To feel like a young couple in love again

Sarah’s world was thrown upside down when she was diagnosed with cancer. All she wanted after her diagnosis was to feel young again and be able to take a trip with her boyfriend, Tom, as so many young couples do. Tom and Sarah both beautifully explain what this dream means to them.

“Sarah is doing amazingly well in her fight against cancer, and has been an inspiration to all that know her. She truly deserved an amazing trip like this. Before she was diagnosed, we lived very active lives: even planning a few trips together. The diagnosis took a lot of that freedom away from us and planning a trip was virtually impossible. Having something like this for her to look forward to has been a big inspiration.

The past 10 months have been very difficult for Sarah, but this trip definitely picked her up again. As positive and happy as Sarah is, the mental aspect of going through such a lengthy treatment has been a challenge for her, as it would be for anyone. I am so grateful for the way in which you helped put the spring back in her step, just in time to push through her final 2 months of treatment.

The trip meant a lot to Sarah. It was great for us to have time with just each other but the best was to see her feeling like a normal 25 year-old girl again!”
– Tom, Sarah’s Boyfriend on a Dream adventure to Tasmania.

“Cancer has obviously changed a lot of the physical side of things. Having to pack up all your clothes you no longer fit…You have an image of yourself in your mind and look in the mirror at someone completely different… You just think: who is this person? You just want to be you.

As the time has progressed, it has gotten harder and chemo is very taxing. At the beginning you think: I’ve got cancer, I’m going to kill it. But as time goes on, you start getting really, really tired. There was so much excitement leading up to my dream that I didn’t even think about Chemo. It was really great to say I’m actually going on a holiday and I’m not just cancer. I’m still a person and I can still do stuff!”
– Sarah, Our Dreamer

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We are so thankful that Sarah and Tom were able to have a holiday away together, and are thankful for the rejuvenation that is offered in traveling. Sarah is a true example of how Dreams can help patients escape the taxing everyday and rediscover who they are.

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