I’m leaving a piece of me behind

“For my car to escort me on my final journey…with one of my boys behind the wheel.” – Jeffrey

Jeffrey’s dream is to restore his beloved 1971 HQ GTS Monaro coupe. It has seen him through life’s special moments: meeting his wife, the birth of 4 children and watching them grow.

“The Monaro is and will always be a part of my life and family’s life and it will be handed down to family as time moves on. My wish is that my car will be restored so that it can escort me on my final journey with one of my boys behind the wheel. I cannot imagine how they will feel on that day but I am hoping that the car will give them comfort, it is a little piece of me and a reminder that I will be around them forever. I know they will treasure it and be as proud of it as I have been.

I am so blessed to have my beautiful family and my greatest achievement will always be being a Dad and husband, I am so grateful for the years we have had together and the memories we have made. As my Doctor said to me I have what a lot of people spend a lifetime looking for and never find, and now I have the chance to make more memories, treasure every day and say goodbye, not everyone has that opportunity.

It’s going to be so hard for my family when I am not around as many other families have and will experience. I also can’t imagine not being around to see them as they continue to grow and live their dreams, to watch them achieve their milestones and help celebrate their successes throughout their lives. I am sure my Monaro will be at many of these events; graduations, weddings, dates and maybe even taking my future grandchildren for a drive!

I haven’t been in a position to have my car paint restored, my priority has always been to provide for my family. My dream is to have it restored so that it can remain an important part of my family, a reminder of me and a family keepsake.

– Jeffrey

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