To live a dream that may have been

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of Dreams2Live4 supporters, this family was able to experience a taste of their lifelong dream: by staying in a beautiful farm by the sea. At the centre of this dream was time: time to relax and unwind, time away from treatment and hospital rooms and precious, quality time to spend together as a family, creating special memories to last a lifetime.

“Our future dream was to one day have our own modest country setting with rolling misty hills and an Ocean to gaze upon. But with Marcela’s diagnosis of metastatic Breast Cancer, that dream was unfairly ripped away from us.

We truly thank you for providing the service of time, sprinkled with experience. You allowed us to live a dream that may have been… providing an invaluable comfort and in this we cannot thank you dearly enough.”
– Justin

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