To meet my heroes for the first time!

Meeting her lifelong heroes, the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs was enough to bring this dreamer to tears. Decked out in head-to-toe blue and white, Jacqueline was overcome with emotion. Her daughter rushed to her mum’s side to comfort her and told us: “Words can not express how grateful my family are for you making our Mum’s dream come true. Today was not about sadness or blood tests, morphine or doctors it was about Mum, joy, love and her dream. The last few weeks have been tough and when she got the news she was seeing her team it lifted her spirits.”

Thank you to the CEO of the Cantebury Bankstown Bulldogs, Raelene Castle who was so friendly and came out to greet us. The team truly pulled out all the stops and made Jacqueline’s day so special. To see the smile on Jacqueline’s face as she met the coach, watched the team train and met some of the players was simply magic. Our Intern, Abbey had never met such a die-hard, lifelong fan!

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