“To reconnect with my family”

As a hospital chaplain, Jeanne understands the importance of nurturing the soul. Now – after years of battling her own cancer and facing a terrifying prognosis –  Jeanne’s dream is to make peace within her family.

In 2012 Jeanne was diagnosed with stage 2/3 breast cancer which required a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. “Instead of this drawing the family closer, it fractured it and my husband decided after 52 years of marriage to move away. After surgery and treatment I had 4 years of remission. I moved from WA to Queensland with my youngest son’s family. Just when we thought things might be looking up, the cancer returned. There is no further treatment they can offer me”

Jeanne’s dream is to visit Perth and reconcile her family. “I know this visit will be full of conflicting emotions – laughter and tears –thankfulness  and regret – but I also know that Dreams2Live4 at The Wesley  is offering me a wonderful opportunity to face those emotions and find the peace we all so desperately need.” – Jeanne

The Wesley Hospital supports their patients by funding an in-house Dreams2Live4 program.

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