To rekindle their love without the stress of cancer

Our dreamer Jo knows the terrifying and life-threatening effects cancer has not only on one’s physical life, but also on relationships. While cancer is a physical battle, a lot of times the emotional toll can be equally as damaging and heart-wrenching.

Jo knew she and her partner needed to get away, to reconnect and rekindle their love without the stress of cancer.

In her heartfelt letter, our Dreamer Jo writes about how important her dream was to this young couple:

“Thank you so much to your organisation for making my dream come to life, and for your help in arranging it. I have been very unwell and my relationship with my partner of 6 years has been strained recently by the adversity we are facing. To have a week of relaxation together somewhere warm and peaceful was priceless at this time and has helped to remind us of the quality of our relationship and given us the boost we needed to persevere. The accommodation was beautiful and having the hire car allowed us to explore Noosa’s surrounds in comfort. I will never forget the lovely week we spent together and the opportunity to feel like a normal couple again for a long time.

Thank you again.”
– Jo, Our Dreamer

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