“To see past the trauma and feel truly alive”

“About 8 years ago one of my sons had a holiday on the Great Ocean Road.  I was in hospital at the time with pneumonia and could only look on with envy as this was a trip my daughter and I had talked about for years.  From this point on we talked and discussed how we could do it but health and work always got in the way.”

“After my cancer diagnosis a lot of my plans and dreams for my future disappeared too. It was now a matter of getting through major operations and surviving treatment. All of the above put my body through so much trauma it was difficult to see ahead and have this magical “quality of life”. My life seemed very sad with no apparent joy. Plans for travel were too hard and the Great Ocean Road was no longer thought of.”

Then Dream Maker Karen appeared at my hospital door and suggested I try to visualise this dream with my daughter and suddenly I’m excited about a trip I’ve always wanted to do. Now my Dream has become a reality! We have always wanted to do this Melbourne/Great Ocean Road trip before it all falls into the sea! The penguins, the koalas, the Great Ocean Road Chocolatier shop, are all things and places that we have always dreamt of experiencing and enjoying!” – Trudy.

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