To show how proud I am to be their mum


Single mum Bek was desperate to create special memories for her gorgeous children. Seeing what cancer has done to her family has broken her heart. So, she wanted to use her dream to bring some joy and adventure back into her their lives. And to thank them for being there for her throughout her treatment.

“I’ve had to rely heavily on them. It is so unfair for my older children to have the responsibility of school, a baby and a sick Mum to care for. I really want to give them a gift of a holiday for them to show my appreciation for their maturity and support. They never ask for anything except occasionally some help with homework. I’m so proud and grateful to be their Mum. We are a single parent family and they are in my care 100% of the time, so the entire responsibility at home is on our shoulders. I’m so very excited and grateful that you can help us share some quality time together.” – Bek

Can you feel the love in these photographs? We can! Our incredibly talented photographer with a heart of gold just Rebecca Photography captured some beautiful family moments. “I had the absolute pleasure of meeting & photographing this beautiful family, while they were here on the Gold Coast in a beautiful beachy photo shoot! Thank you for asking me be their Photographer xx” Thanks Rebecca for generously donating your time and talent.

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