To sing along with my hero: Paul McCartney!

Karen may be facing a terrifying battle with metastatic cancer but her love for her hero, Paul McCartney remains as strong as ever! “Growing up in the ’60’s I was a huge Beatles fan. My sister & I would pool our pocket money to buy their records & we knew every song off by heart. I still have many of my original LP’s. When I heard Sir Paul was coming to Australia I was super excited but knew I would never manage to get a ticket… Now I will be there singing along with Sir Paul & loving every minute of it!” – Karen

Granting Karen’s dream marks the beginning of a wonderful Dream Making partnership between TL Rentals and Dreams2Live4. With every deal settled over the last quarter, TL Rentals has made a generous donation to our charity. We thank this organisation from the bottom of our hearts for what they have done for Karen and we know she can’t wait for her dream to come true! This incredible commitment will help make many more dreams come true into the future, having a lasting impact on so many lives.

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