To Swim With Whales

Our dreamer Victoria, known as Tori, has had a lifelong dream to swim with humpback whales. Four years ago she booked a trip to Tonga to swim with these incredible animals, as then it was the only place in the world that allowed this. Unfortunately, due to Tori’s sickness at the time, she had to miss her trip.

“When I was in the hospital I dreamed of swimming with the whales. My dream is to actually be able to get in the water with my snorkel and mask and swim with these glorious creatures.” Tori wrote.

Four years on and Tori has just had an incredible weekend in Hervey Bay, Queensland, swimming with the humpback whales. Despite the challenging weather conditions, Tori was insistent on fulfilling her dream.

“Such wonderful day swimming with the humpback whales on Wednesday!!! A dream really come true!!!”

“We were all holding on to a “mermaid” line out in the water, 10 of us. We didn’t let go of the line, but the whales swam around us and got within metres of us!!! We looked under the water and there they were just a few metres away from us. So big and yet so playful!”

“Thank you doesn’t seem to be a strong enough word for what you’ve given me this week!”

An amazing story for our incredible dreamer, Tori. A trip of a lifetime, and one that she will hold on to forever!

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