To the Skies

Scribbled in the back of a notebook or in an absent minded thought, everyone has their Bucket List. While we may take it out to edit or admire every few years, it takes the bravest version of ourselves to reach for the chance it holds.

In the skies of the Yarra Valley this week, our dreamer Leon took his family in a hot air balloon above its rolling hills. In the peace of the morning light, they had the time to spend with one another away from the life lived in a hospital ward.

5 years ago, our dreamer was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. 3 words that not only changed his life but theirs. When there were weeks and months of exhaustive treatment that seemed to never end, they stood by him. When there was a fear of what tomorrow held, they were the light in a dark room. When nothing was certain, they gave hope- hope to hold out for better days like this one.

What Leon could have never known is that in the time it takes to live and love without fear of this disease, he has become the bravest version of himself. He has become the version of himself that his wife and daughter have always known.


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