Uninterrupted Time with My Husband

Our incredibly strong dreamer, Amanda, has just had an unforgettable weekend away with her partner, Lee, making lifelong memories.

Lee came into Amanda’s life after her awful diagnosis, and has remained by her side throughout her whole treatment. They married last year, knowing they didn’t have long together, and he has become a shining light within Amanda’s family. She says, “I owe this man my life, he is a super hero to us.”

Having only spent two nights away together since 2017, Amanda said, “My dream is to spend a weekend away with Lee and myself, doing something that we have never done before. We want, and need, to make some treasured memories. We’d like to spend quality time away with just us, no doctors, no appointments, just to breath, relax and let the memories and good times take over, even for just a few days. I owe this man so much and to be able to spend time with him, means the world to me.”

Amanda and Lee spent a weekend in a bubble tent, surrounded by the peacefulness of nature, cherishing their time away together. Check out some of the amazing pictures from their time away together!

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