We went from the depths of depression to the top of the world.

With three children, one of whom is severely disabled, life was always very busy for Richard and his wife. When Richard was diagnosed with metastatic cancer he despaired how the family was going to cope.

“Life was hard enough with our son needing 24 hour care then throwing cancer into the mix was difficult to say the least. Financially something had to give and that was, of course, the luxury of a family holiday. My wife and I would never leave our children and any holiday with my son requires a lot of planning. Thank you Dreams2live4 for your encouragement and never giving up on getting us the holiday and time together that we so desperately needed. We loved every moment of it. To spend time as a happy, healthy family relaxing in the sun and enjoying the fun of the gold Coast was a thrilling escape and a much appreciated joy. We were on top of the world”

*Details have been altered to protect the privacy of our dreamer.

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