Wes: A Talented Photographer with a Heart of Gold

Wes Nel is a talented photographer with a heart of gold. He has generously donated his time and talent to Dreams2Live4 by photographing our Lunch with David Gyngell event and the fantastic Feather Ball! Wes effortlessly and professionally captures energy, vibrancy, warmth and the sense of community and care present at our events. We could not be more grateful for his invaluable and unique contribution towards making dreams come true.

To book or contact Wes, please visit: http://www.wesnel.com/contact/

If you are a caring individual or organisation, there are many ways that you can help Dreams come true. You can help by volunteering your time and skills or simply by liking our Facebook page and signing up for our newsletter. Please contact info@dreams2live4.org.au if you would like to help in any way.

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