Why Dreams

Metastatic cancer drains families of joy, hope and finances. It can be a long and gruelling battle for patients. Often they and their partners cannot work and they can no longer do many things that other families take for granted. By offering patients a chance to Dream, we reignite a sense of control and optimism in their lives. Conversations change and so does the outlook of patients and their families.

As one of our Dreamers told us:

“My idea of a perfect day is to go to bed with dream and wake up with a purpose.”

That’s why giving a Dream provides a patient and their families something to strive for, something to hope for, something to live for.There is excitement and anticipation in identifying, planning, and focusing on a ‘Dream’. When it is achieved, there is a feeling of joy and positive well being that lasts beyond the Dream itself. All this translates to a healthy state of mind that benefits people with cancer.

“Dreams2live4 makes a real and lasting difference to patients and their families. The experience enriches and enlightens people’s lives.” Professor Michael Friedlander, Professor of Medicine at University of New South Wales and Oncologist at Prince of Wales Hospital.

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