Words Inspired by Joy

A metastatic cancer diagnosis and heavy treatment schedules left Robyn depleted and exhausted from the pain. She had to stop work and her family struggled through on just her husband’s wage.

But this time out of work ignited one of Robyn’s passions. “I have been inspired to write poetry and children’s stories. The children’s stories have been inspired by my grandchildren who bring joy and happiness into my life. This new pursuit has given me a new lease of life and I would dearly love to have this poetry and stories in print for my family to read long after I’m gone.

Especially for my three amazing children and six inspiring grandchildren. And my husband, Tim, a truly loving man who makes every day worth living. He encourages, supports me to be happy and is very considerate and dependable, I am truly so lucky to have him in our lives.” – Robyn

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