Would she see her son in time?

She literally collapsed into Dreams2live4 Coordinator Louise’s arms.

“I was in the corridors of the hospital and noticed a woman who seemed on the verge of tears.” said Louise.

“I asked her if I could help and over a cup of tea I met Karen, a metastatic cancer patient at Prince of Wales Hospital. As a mother, I can only imagine the stress she was under. Karen was trying to put on a brave face but that day she was consumed with worry for her son, an Australian soldier, who was being sent to Afghanistan in just a few weeks. She just couldn’t cope anymore.”

“With her constant battle with cancer, Karen knew she could not predict the future. She was desperate to get to Townsville to say goodbye to her son. The cost and simply the energy to plan her trip to Townsville seemed overwhelming to her. “

“Dreams2live4 and its supporters helped Karen realise her Dream and she arrived in Townsville in time to say goodbye to her son. Being able to help an individual in need is the magic of Dreams2live4. Thank you to everyone who has donated to Dreams2live4 so we can help people like Karen.”

*Details have been changed to protect the privacy of our Dreamers

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