Yearns to be “Selfish”

This single mum’s dream came as a shock to her. For the first time – in a long time – she yearns to be “selfish”.

“I’m a 44 year old single mum with three kids that mean the world to me. Like a lot of women my age, I still feel like I’m in my twenties. Well, I did and then I got diagnosed with breast cancer just over 2 years ago. A year of chemo and radiation followed. I went for a bone scan and ultrasound in January this year and found that I now had metastatic liver cancer with spots on my kidneys and lungs. After a scheduled surgery in February to take the 4 cm little beast out of my liver I woke in post op and was informed that’s the surgeon couldn’t do the operation because he discovered my liver was infected throughout and that it was no use taking it out. So, pretty much, he was sorry and I, pretty much, thought ‘bugger’.

“I don’t have a large family but they have rallied around me like nothing else. I just have to trust in my wonderful professionals and keep smiling at the world. Don’t get me wrong, I hurt. I cry mountains in the car when I’m alone and I think about leaving my kids and possibly not being here for my youngest when she goes to high school.

“In a way I’m the kind of mother that doesn’t really do much for herself as far as pampering goes. As a lot of us are guilty of. I’ve always wanted to take a solo trip where I’m catered for, looked after and don’t need to raise a finger unless I want to. So I have requested this ‘selfish’ wish for myself that I’m hoping can be granted. I know I say selfish but I mean that in a nice way because I certainly don’t feel guilty.” – Teena

As I type Dream Maker Annabel is helping Teena book her solo adventure. We think it is a wonderful dream Teena and not a bit selfish. We know you are going to love your time out and we hope you will feel empowered to face the future. Teena’s dream is being funded through the generosity of the staff and doctors of PRP Diagnostic Imaging. They raised money at their last staff ball and many of their clinics are supporting bowl4dreams to help patients like Teena. If your company would like to celebrate success by donating to Dreams2live4 we would love to help you. Please email meaghan@dreams2live4.org.au
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