Young Again

For the past 12 years, Glenn and Heather have lived as many couples do- working every chance they get and striving for that holiday that always seems out of reach. The difference is that they have done this while battling against Glenn’s cancer diagnosis which, after more than a decade of ups and downs, has come back aggressively.

Together they have faced the days, weeks and years of cancer treatment and have witnessed how important it is to have something to truly look forward to. So its understandable that when they received the news that their dream to explore the beautiful city of Fremantle was coming true, they started counting down the days.

After arriving in Perth, the couple, together as always, filled their days with sightseeing, dining, walking and chasing the sight of a quokka. For the first time in a long time, they had the freedom to be spontaneous and enjoy themselves without worrying about the future. Heather says “Glenn and I have come back refreshed and a little more relaxed. The trip was a wonderful dream come true for Glenn.”

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